Custom Collection

Nothing connects us to a place more than the beauty of the things that make that place unique from all others. Nowhere is this truer than in the small Florida coastal town of Ponte Vedra Beach, where three generations of Cresta’s husband’s family have spent much of their lives. His grandmother graciously passed on a heritage of hunting for shark tooth fossils at low tide. Each family house has a bowl filled with more fossils than you can count, that took a lifetime to collect. After inheriting his grandmother’s long coveted collection and now an avid hunter herself, Cresta became enamored with taking these relics – possibly the oldest you will ever touch – and repurposing them in a refined way.

Each one-of-a-kind shark tooth has been fossilized over tens of millions of years, in the depths of the ocean, and then washed ashore to be found like a needle in a haystack. Sharks shed thousands of teeth in their lifetime, so, unlike ivory, fur, or other poached animal-based items, these rarified treasures are a cruelty-free luxury.

Folklore spanning thousands of years, from the Romans to current cultures today, believed shark tooth fossils to be an amulet of protection – from snake-bite antidotes or protection against the Evil Eye, to protecting a wearer from harm while in the ocean. The symbolism is an added historical richness to the simple pleasure of finding something truly unique and the celebration of the time it took he universe to create it.

With a nod to the sumptuous use of gold and minimalism of ancient Greek and Byzantine jewelry, each piece is handcrafted to become a modern heirloom. This collection is a celebration of the fossil forms, imperfections, and colors by contrasting them with rich gemstones and 18K yellow gold. The allure of the ocean is showcased in the outlines of sea greens, grays, and turquoise, and sparkles of the surface reflections. These keepsakes embody an understated sense of luxury with a versatility that goes day to evening, and complements the wearer’s easy glamour.

All of the pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade in the USA with 18K recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and natural non-heat treated gemstones.


CrestaBledsoe_blk diamond bib station necklace & wht diamond jade earrings_1073.jpg