Ponte Vedra Collection


Inspired by her husband’s family and a coastal community tradition of collecting shark tooth fossils, Bledsoe repurposes the relics in a refined way to create modern heirlooms. She celebrates the fossil forms and imperfections by having each handcrafted with precious recycled metals and ethically-mined and non-treated gemstones. Showcased with her trademark sumptuous satin-finished gold and minimalist lines, each one-of-kind Shark Tooth has been fossilized over tens of millions years, in the depths of the ocean, and then washed ashore. Folklore spanning thousands of years, from Romans to current cultures today, believe Shark Tooth fossils to have protective energy and serve as amulets of protection. Sharks shed thousands of teeth in their lifetime, so unlike ivory, fur, or other poached animal based items, these rarified treasures are cruelty-free. These timeless keepsakes embody quality and an understated, versatile sense of style and are intended be passed down for generations to come.